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6 KB (698 words) - 15:08, 7 August 2014 14 Arietis 14 Arietis is a star in the constellation Aries
98, which means it is visible to the naked
The Zodiacal Sky: Aries, Taurus and Gemini
It is approximately 340 | ly | pc |
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Aries (constellation) Aries is one of the constellation s of the zodiac
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Balron injures the Aries Saint even further by striking him with his whip
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7 KB (765 words) - 01:40, 30 January 2014 Beta Arietis Beta Arietis (β Ari, β Arietis) is a binary star system in the constellation Aries , marking the Ram's second horn
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It has the
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6 KB (749 words) - 15:57, 30 March 2014 NGC 772 spiral galaxy approximately 130 million light-year s away in the constellation Aries
2 KB (278 words) - 08:15, 6 December 2013 UGC 2320 UGC 2320 or Arp 190 is a galaxy in the constellation Aries
It has an apparent visual
| Name B F Var HD HIP RA Dec vis
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4 KB (601 words) - 15:54, 11 July 2014 35 Arietis 35 Arietis is the Flamsteed designation for a binary star in the northern constellation of Aries
Hamal, an orange giant star in Aries
4 KB (445 words) - 22:52, 16 February 2014 3C 79 3C 79 is a Seyfert Galaxy located in the constellation Aries
Its apparent magnitude is 6
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8 KB (907 words) - 11:23, 31 May 2014 List of Saint Seiya: The Lost Canvas characters (section Aries Shion) The names of Athena's Saints include their constellations, and
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It is dimly visible to the
com/constellation-list/aries-constellation/ Aries Constellation at Constellation Guide
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Aries was named for the constellation
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It has an apparent visual magnitude of 4
639 B (63 words) - 01:46, 16 November 2012 23 Arietis 23 Arietis (23 Ari) is a star in the constellation Aries
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650 B (63 words) - 13:57, 24 March 2013 50 Arietis 50 Arietis (50 Ari) is a star in the constellation Aries
Aries - Dome of the Sky
Facts on the Aries Constellation: The Brightest Star of Aries, Size
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11 KB (1,389 words) - 14:15, 27 April 2014 Eta Arietis Eta Arietis (η Ari, η Arietis) is the Bayer designation for a star in the northern constellation of Aries
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It is one of the two points
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